2021 Calendar Contest

Below, you can enter your CFP Alumni or current foster for the contest. Entry fee is $10 and votes can be bought for $1 each.

12 adorable winners with the most votes will make it onto Cause for Paw’s 2021 Calendar and the proceeds go to support medical bills and sustaining fund for the rescue!

Contest Submissions End In

September 11th at 11:59pm

Contest Voting Ends In

October 11th at 11:59pm



Levi is a sweet, spunky,lab pit bull mix.

Meet the Ps – Presley and Pluto, two CFP alumni foster fails who are simply two peas in a pod!!!

275 Votes

Eclipse is a goofy and happy CFP alumni who is 2 years heartworm free!

Ruger is living out his days being the best boy and on a journey to become a Therapy Assistance Pet in the Military Community with his Mom.

Gentle and beautiful soul

Help me! Now mama wants to make me a sweater to match my hat!

Loving goof ball who makes us laugh everyday.She has brought so much joy to our family. We thank CFP everyday for introducing us to her

170 Votes

Rocky is an energic working man! Everyday he gets to be an example for other dogs going through working on their , play fetch, and snuggle up with a blanket at home. He’s always living his best life!

21 Votes

I had a ruff start to life. Had 11 pups(1 passed)& now have furever homes! Nobody wanted me for over a year, but I then found my Mom & we bonded instantly! I love cuddles, giving kisses, toys & treats

17 Votes

Mira is an energetic cuddle bug full of personality!

104 Votes

AKA Kash Money. CFO Alum 2019. Obsessed with his crunchy-star and tug toy. Youngest of #JoynerDogPark

CFP Alum 2015. GSD/APBT mix. Ball obsessed. Current reigning Alpha of #JoynerDogPark

Susie lived past all expectations and advocated for other senior adoptable dogs. Joined CFP in 2017, Adopted in 2018, and crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020. Former reigning Queen of #JoynerDogPark

10 Votes

The huntress of all things small and fluffy. Current reigning Queen of #JoynerDogPark

The most handsome, entertaining, and energetic middle child there ever was!

His heart is the biggest thing about him.

30 Votes

The most loving crazy doggo you’ll ever meet

Finley is super goofy and loves to snuggle!

100 Votes

These adorable and playful brothers make every day an adventure!

17 Votes

parker is a little mut we fostered when he was only a wee pup on halloween, he is the goofiest, sweetest, and friendliest dog we have ever had.

31 Votes

Eloise is so sweet and expressive. Not a day goes by where she is g running up to us with her ears back and tail wagging to give kisses. She brings us so much joy!

Our spunky little bundle of love!

I’m a happy and playful pup who assumes everyone wants to be my friend!

10 Votes

She is little but mighty! She loves to play with current fosters in the home and go on hikes!

Tucker is the most loving little energizer bunny you’ll ever meet!

40 Votes

He’s a good boy, loves his mama, loves Jesus and America too.

35 Votes

I love squirrels!

25 Votes

The sweetest gal around!

65 Votes

I may be deaf but that just means I hear with my heart!

16 Votes

I was Leon’s foster mom, but he stole my heart and he is spoiled rotten. He loves going out on the boat He is just a big love bug.

Instant best friends! CFP alum Oakley and current foster Teke.

80 Votes