CFP is rolling out our first calendar contest, and it’s your chance to make your furry CFP alumni or foster a star!!!


Let’s face it folks: 2020 has been less than stellar, so we at CFP have to decided that 2021 will start off with a bang! Each of the twelve months of the 2021 CFP Calendar could feature one of your submitted fur babies!


How does the audition process work? It’s as easy as one-two-three!!

(1) You will simply submit your favorite picture of your CFP family member(s) and the $10 entry fee, along with an attention-grabbing sentence about your baby.  Once your entry is received and posted on the website your fur baby is officially a contestant

(2) Share, share, share the voting link to encourage friends and family to vote for your four-legged friend’s spot on the calendar.

(3) The top twelve contestants with the most votes at the end of the voting period get to be a featured month of the year!


Questions? Please contact allison.m@cfp-nc.org